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Discover the fascinating culinary traditions of the Catalan capital! Learn about the best Cava tasting experiences, authentic Catalan dishes, best places to eat dessert and top activities as featured on our Barcelona tours. Don't miss this suggestions from our  local expert and Barcelona foodie guide Mireia.

The Best Places to Eat Dessert in Barcelona

Barcelona’s gastronomy is well known because of its richness in flavor and quality. As they say, there is never a complete tapas meal without a perfect dessert. In Barcelona, we know this standard all too well! Listed here is a guide for the ultimate dessert lovers, who are in search of delicious and satisfying treats in Barcelona. If you are also interested in more than just a list of great dessert shops then be sure to check out our chocolate tour, where we give you the chance to taste handcrafted chocolates at multiple shops. 

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5 Best Rooftops in Barcelona

Rooftops in Barcelona are definitely the best option for warm and sunny summer days. With astonishing panoramic views, glamorous pools, sophisticated cocktails and unforgettable music, you can not pass up the experience to enjoy a rooftop in Barcelona. Here are my top 5 recommendations of the trendiest and most cutting-edge rooftops in Barcelona…

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What You Should Know Before Traveling to Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city to spend time in. Spend the day getting lost, winding and twisting among streets that boast the city’s beautiful history. Many buildings in Barcelona have walls that if could talk, would spend hours telling you about the Roman’s who once walked the streets and how the past is still preserved through cracks in cobblestones and detailed architecture. The Roman history of Barcelona leaves the city feeling romantic and magical, while the modernism era leaves traces of itself too, making the combination of the two eras fascinating to observe. History has left it’s mark in Barcelona in many ways, through buildings, food and culture. Here, I have put together tips any traveller should know before visiting Barcelona. This short list can be your guide as you discover the city. I caution you though, you will easily and quickly fall in love – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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All About Calcots and the Tradition of Calcotada

Curious about the title of this article? Then you are most likely also curious about Catalan cuisine. Catalan people eat calcots with family and friends. In the last few years this humble dish has become more and more popular. What makes calçots so special is the incredible experience around such a simple product. Let’s discover together the calcotada and what it means to Catalan culture.

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Best Markets to Visit in Barcelona

Need a break from sightseeing in Barcelona? Seeking a place to eat authentic local food and to feel like a local? Then join us on one of our Barcelona food tours! One of the best places to experience local life in the city is the market. When you talk to the vendors, who get there very early in the morning and stay until lunch time, you discover the insights of our culture in one of the best ways possible. Here are some of my tips on how to visit the markets of Barcelona. 

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Top 10 Best Dishes of Barcelona

The Catalan capital is well-known throughout the world for its wonderful gastronomy. One of the most authentic ways to discover what people eat in Barcelona is through trying a selection of tapas. Tapas are small plates of food designed to be shared with the people around your table. The idea is: why order a main dish when you can get to taste many diverse and delicious treats? Here we describe some of the “must-try” tapas and desserts to end a perfect meal.

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Interview with Mireia Pascual, Manager of Foodie&Tours Barcelona

Please tell us about yourself. Where does your passion for cuisine (and wine) come from?

I did my studies in Tourism and, during the weekends, worked at El Celler de Can Roca (a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Girona). I completed a formal training at the restaurant and stayed there working for almost 5 years. There, I learned a tremendous amount about food, wines and the pairing of the two. It was at that time that I fell in love with this world. 

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